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By: Muhammad Nasiruddin

There is no reason for believers to be reluctant to give charity or do sadakah. Because, despite feeling heavy, charity is the most obvious characteristic of a valid faith.

To give charity, one must be able to defeat the feeling of ownership (absolute) to let some of his sustenance for the other party. Convinced firmly of eternal hope or profit in the hereafter. If not, someone will be reluctant to give charity. In contrast to other practices as valid characteristics of faith such as prayer and fasting.

In both of these practices which are more individual (prayer and fasting), there is no need to feel a sense of ownership, one only needs to sacrifice their time. To give charity is heavier, therefore, it will be practiced less often than prayer and fasting.

Therefore, even if someone has already performed prayers and fasting, it is still necessary to question his valid faith if he is still reluctant to give charity.

In Islamic history we know Fatimah Az- Zahra willingly gave charity of an inheritance necklace to travelers who ran out of food and did not eat for three days because there were no more items worth selling. With this necklace, the traveler became well-stocked after selling it to Abdurrahman bin Auf.

However, once he learned of Fatimah’s sincerity in giving charity, Abdurrahman immediately presented the necklace to the Prophet, his father Fatimah, its original owner.

Predictably, the necklace finally returned to Fatimah after passing three people as a gift and already listed as a charity. Indeed, giving charity with sincerity will get compensation. This was not only in the past.

In real life and in this modern world. People who give charity are abundant in their fortune, their honor is high, and their possessions are recognized and even safeguarded by others. It seems that it has never been recorded that those people who give charity become poor.

Indeed, by giving charity his wealth increased, multiplied. Like when a person gets a mango, then they eat it while the seed is set aside and planted until later it will become a tree that multiplies its fruit.

For charity, there is no provision on the type of goods (QS 2: 267), nor is the amount determined (QS 3: 134), nor are their intended uses (QS 2: 215). That is, really up to the condition of the person. That is if one gives charity. What if we lack property? The Hadith of the Prophet Bukhari-Muslim said that charity can be given without matter.

Do dzikir, dakwah, reconciling feuds, saying good things, cleaning thorns from the streets, carrying the burden of others, even smiling can mean charity. Are we still reluctant to give charity after we claim to have true faith? Wallahu a’lam bish shawab.

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