RZ MMBIJAKARTA. Manajemen Masjid Bank Indonesia (MMBI) donated 846 millions rupiah for operational costs fo SD Juara West Jakarta on Thursday (7/8) in Indonesian Bank Mosque Secretariat. The financial assistance submission process was attended by RZ CEO, RZ Strategic Relationship & Overseas Leader, Chairman of MMBI and its staffs.

“MMBI expects that it can make the students of SD Juara West Jakarta happy. Through this cooperation thus SD Juara West Jakarta becomes a member of RZ and Rumah Amal Sosial Baitul Ihsan (RASBI) of Indonesian Bank that is managed by Indonesia Juara Foundation. In addition, I hope that Indonesian Bank employees as the donor of RASBI can trust more to donate to us,” Muharpandidjaja, the Chairman on MMBI, said.

The synergy between RZ and RASBI is a good start for managing Indonesia Bank employees ZIS fund. Moreover, it can also enhance the education quality in SD Juara West Jakarta.

“I hope that RZ can be a good partner of RASBI in managing zakat fund. The zakat fund will be distributed in education programs in SD Juara West Jakarta. On the other hand, it also may become a role model of free qualified school,” Irvan Nugraha, RZ Strategic Relationship & Overseas Leader, said.***

Newsroom/Neneng Fitri Fitriyah

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