RZ SoloSOLO. To enhance the children’s interest in reading, RZ Solo sent an Inspiration Volunteer and a Juara Van to several ICD areas in Boyolali on Thursday (30/10).

In this opportunity, the volunteers were assigned to motive local children in order to be more diligent and have higher dream. “They’re very enthusiastic during the motivation session. Moreover, many of them who tell their dream confidently,” Devi Afriyanti, a volunteer, said.

On the other hand, the students also felt free to read any books provided in Juara Van. “The presentation of Juara Van is expected to enhance local people especially children’s interest in reading because reading is important to enrich our knowledge,” Mei Sri Widuri, Branch Manager of RZ Solo, said.

In the last session of the action, they were invited to take a photo by the volunteer in the yard.***

Newsroom/Mei Sri Widuri

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