RZ LDKO CilegonJAKARTA.. Juara muamalat mobile car along with it book collections shares the joy with students. In this occasion Juara muamalat mobile car visited Cilandak Timur SDN 02 Petang, South Jakarta.

The event began with an introduction and games by Juara muamalat mobile car Volunteer make children enthusiastic. After that, students were summoned to listen a story and given the motivation to be more diligent in reading. The atmosphere became very excited when the Volunteers provide gifts to children who actively followed the event till the end.

Before the reading session begins, volunteers distribute milk to children as a food supplement. And then, children are welcome to stand in line and take turns choosing books which they like.

“It is very nice to see the students so enthusiastic. After taking the book, they immediately read it seriously. They read in a group, and some of them so enjoy reading books alone” said the Volunteer.

Juara mualamalat mobile car is a program in cooperation between Bank Muamalat and RZ, this program is aim to provide education service in a fun and meaningful way. Juara muamalat mobile car has visited many schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas, and always gets a good response from the school and the students.

“Hopefully this program will bring positive influence to the development of children’s motivation to love reading.” Said volunters.***


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