CILEGON. Moju (Champion Car) Rumah Zakat Cilegon with CSF team share happiness to residents in Pulo Tunda located in the north of Serang, Banten. The island is far from the mainland and far from urban life. “We are in synergy with the Nusantara Jaya Expedition team (ENJ) where the CSF team provides health action for the residents and the team of Moju provides a game for children in Pulo Tunda.

Although the Moju and CSF team left on Saturday (07/10), the activity was done on Sunday (08/10) because the trip to Pulo Tunda took a lot of time. The journey began at 14.00 and the team arrived at Pulo Tunda in the afternoon.

On these activities, Moju team provide some games that are packaged in the form of outbound for children which consists of 4 posts. First post was yel yel, 2nd onewas sailboats, 3rd post was spiderman bridges and the last was smart post.

Before the outbound began, the children were doing gymnastics guided by the team of Expedisi Nusantara Jaya. After the gym then it continued with outbound. The children were very enthusiastic to sing the yells of the spirit for their respective teams. All the obstacles that are feared turn out to be happiness.

“Thanks to all the brothers who have come here, I am very happy with the presence of all brothers and sisters, and I am very happy with activity activities today. I hope all of us can play here again” said Dewi who dreams to become soldier.

And at the end of the game the children get door prize and supplementary food. We all take pictures together to capture the unforgettable moment.


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