RZ LDKO CilegonYOGYAKARTA. One important point of Millennium Development Goals is decreasing the number of child mortality and improving mother health. In Indonesia, this issue is being to be attempted to be addressed by Indonesian Government and Socio-NGO. According to WHO and Unicef; 12% of Indonesian children suffered infectious disease, malnutrition, and inadequate health care. These problems are also included in the main problems of child mortality.

Considering this poor condition, Indosat initiated a Health Clinic Van that provides free health service for the needy since 2007. This van is equipped by USG machine, oxygen tube, suction pump, medicines, minor surgery equipments, and weighing tool. Indosat President Director and CEO, Alexander Rusli, said that Indosat Clinic Van was launched for assisting government in improving Indonesian people’s health quality.

To optimize the service, Indosat collaborates with several social organizations such as Rumah Zakat (RZ), Pos Keadilan Peduli Umat (PKPU), Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia (BSMI), and Dompet Dhuafa.

In September 5, 2014, Indosat and Ooredoo (Head Corporate of Indosat) presented Clinic Van in Ringinsari, Yogyakarta. In this opportunity, Indosat Clinic Van provided free health service for the local citizens.

Starting from Indonesia, Indosat attempts to implement it in several countries. To realize this program, Ooredoo collaborates with Leo Messi Foundation. Currently, Indosat Clinic Van has successfully operated Indonesia, Algerian, Tunisia, and Myanmar.***

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