MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING AIRNAV RZ GELAR PESANTREN RAMADHAN DI TANGERANGTANGERANG. On Friday (06/24) and Airnav – RZ Mobile library Car visited Kampung Buaran Indah, Tangerang city to fill the pesantren Ramadan event organized by the RZ Inspiring Volunteer Buaran Indah. The event took place after Friday prayer around 14:00 pm. Children who are made up of children from elementary to junior high school went very smoothly and interesting, the children enthusiastically participated in a series of events that we organized.

The event began with an introduction of mobile library team, children who had been waiting to follow the activity of the mobile library car is very enthusiastic to join the organized activities.

The first activity provided education about traffic, and then continued to watch educational movies, plays, and reading books together. The kids really enjoyed the activities for activities which are presented to children from some of the children even though there are fasting but they remained cheerful to follow the activities held by a team.

“It was nice on this visit, there are many children we’ve ever been at their school when we came they still remember and know the team ” Said Nia Anggiyani

All activities went smoothly, the children have high interest in reading so they asked us to visit another time.

“Our thanks to the team of mobile library that has been willing to cooperate with us in filling the activity of pesantren Ramadan, children are very excited and pleased to attend a series of events have been held and this is a positive activity for children and hopefully this can be an experience to able to motivate children to love reading. “said Winda Febriyanti.


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