MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING AIRNAV - RZ WARNAI HARI SDIT RUHUL JADIDTANGERANG. (05/23) Students of SDIT Ruhul Jadid engrossed in reciting verses from Quran in class while waiting for AirNav – RZ mobile library car.

Mmobile library program implemented in JABODETABEK by providing facilities such as books and game to be able to continue to learn while playing and foster interest in reading in children from an early age.

“Kak, I’ve read Quran and I’ve memorized three chapters.” Said one of the 4th graders to mobile library team
This time the AirNav – RZ mobile library car present in SDIT Ruhul Jadid where children are invited by fun mentor until they want to read by themselves, because usually a lot of children who do not want to read because they are bored with the same book available at school.

“Thank you for coming AirNav – RZ mobile library which has provided interesting activities. From the beginning I follow the kids. They were excited to the number of books, they want to read them by themselves, hopefully the in the future the number of the vehicle added so that more children love reading books. “Said Layla Sety, teacher of SDIT Ruhul Jadid

Bu Jumirah, another teacher of SDIT Ruhul Jadid also said that the visit of mobile libray to school provides a very good impact. Because initiatively children come read a book and enjoy reading passionately, besides reading, the team also provides educational games and movies, the children are involved with orderly and well. She also thanked AirNav – RZ mobile library car.

Newsroom/Iroh Basiroh

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