MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING AIRNAV TUMBUHKAN MINAT BACA DI TK AISYIAH 85JAKARTA.Reading is one way to increase one’s scientific capacity, so the same for kids. Many teachers have scored smarter generation by reading and studying books.

“On Tuesday (09/06) we visited Aisyiyah 85 Jakarta kindergarten located in Ciputat, there is one Raudathul Anfal that students are actually like reading very much and eager to know the world of science, but the constraint is they have no adequate textbooks facilities for children to read” Nia Anggiyani said, PIC AirNav mobile library car.

The Journey to the location is pretty far because the school is located in a residential complex and the surrounding narrow streets. It is rather difficult for Moju team to arrive on time. Fortunately the school understands and children still await the arrival of the mobile library car.

“Hopefully mobile library car can be useful for many people. Alhamdulillah all happy and greet us, “said Nia.

The book became a favorite of children, they are happy with the arrival of Cars bookmobile AirNav. Children are busy sorting and reading their favorite books. The book is a window to the world where we can see the world without having to go to the moon. So keep reading, O generation of Indonesian nation so that it can become a nation that is prosperous, just and prosperous.

“We are delighted to be able to learn together with AirNav mobile library car. come back again latter “Said Aisyiyah 85 kindergarten students.

“Thanks to AirNav and RZ mobile library car already held activities in our kindergarten, Alhamdulillah the kids were happy and enthusiastic to be introduced to the importance of reading. Hopefully this activity can continue to run smoothly, especially for all the schools that have minimal library facilities. ” Said Mrs. Irma, head Aisyiyah 85 Jakarta kindergarten.

“Alhamdulillah this day has been running a very useful activity for the children. Everyone is happy and excited for the visit of AirNav mobile library car. Hopefully they can visit again “Said Mrs. Nita, Aisyiyah 85 Jakarta kindergarten teacher.

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