MOBILE MASJID FASILITASI EVENT PAPERMAS DI JAKARTAJAKARTA. Mobile Masjid which is the result of cooperation between the Rumah Zakat and Yayasan Masjid Nusantara (YMN) are invited to enliven Paguyuban Perantau Banyumas (PAPERMAS)’s event on Sunday (26/02). The activity was a gathering for people of Banyumas who live in Jakarta, whether for school or work.

In addition to gathering activities, Blood Donation was also held there for the participants. There are more than 700 people attending the event. On that event Mobile Masjid facilitated the participants for Dzuhr and Asr prayer. Mobile Masjid provided prayer facilities such as prayer rug, clean water for wudhu, and also prayer tools (mukena and sarung). Alhamdulillah this activities run smoothly.

“Alhamdulillah, Mobile Masjid is really helpful for us. It can facilitate us very well, so that we can pray comfortably.” Said Mr. Syaefudin, one of the organizers.

Yayasan Masjid Nusantara (YMN) and Adira  Insurance Syariah provided Mobile Masjid that operate in Jakarta to give Prayer Facilities wherever and whenever. Since launched in 2013 till today, Mobile Masjid has provided prayer services at 100 points in various locations.

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