MOBILE MASJID YAYASAN MASJID NUSANTARA - RZ DISERBU BOBOTOH DI STADION JALAK HARUPATBANDUNG. Mobile Masjid provides prayer facility to the spectators of Persib match or commonly called Bobotoh Persib in Parking Lot of Jalak Harupat Stadium on Saturday (14/05).

Mobile Masjid presence is welcomed by bobotoh, security and also the traders around. This is due to the difficulty of finding a place of prayer near the stadium. The mosque provided normally in a locked state so it cannot be used.

Alhamdulillah we can come back for the 3rd time in Jalak Harupat stadium.

“This Mobile Masjid helps us especially Muslims to worship. Previously I’ve prepared newspapers and prayer mats, but look at the facilities of Mobile Masjid, it is really helpful. Hopefully, Mobile Masjid can be present in the next match” Said Radian, bobotoh from Cibiru.

Mobile Masjid team started to roll out the carpet in the stadium parking area since 14:30 pm. A limited area makes the bobotoh queuing for their turn to pray. Visitors continued to arrive from supporters, the security forces, to traders in the area of the stadium.

Mobile Masjid provide a service until 20:00 pm. ” Alhamdulillah with the existence of Mobile Masjid is really serve the community, providing facilities prayers complete with clean water for ablutions, that is very remarkable. I personally support with this Mobile Masjid. Hopefully its it can continue to be present in public event like this. “Said Mr. Wijaya, from the West Java Police Brigade.

Yayasan Masjid Nusantara (YMN) together with RZ presents Mobile Masjid to provide religious facilities anywhere and anytime. Various facilities are given ranging from clean water for ablutions, the carpet for prayer and prayer tools such as sarung and mukena.

Our destination are crowded places far from the mosque or prayer room such as city parks, the natural disaster site, public events and sports stadium. Since it’s launched in 2015 and until now, Mobile Masjid has been providing services in 50 points spread in West Java.

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