moju-adira-bagi-keceriaam-di-tpa-al-hidayahCILEGON. TPA Al-Hidayah got a visit from Adira mobile library car. The school located at Jl. Yos Sudarso Lebak Gede subdistrict. Pulomerak district Cilegon. School building is in fact the mosque. Because of this mosque crowded only during the month of Ramadan alone, otherwise there are no activities, Ibu Siti Hafiat then use the prayer room for school activities of TPA Al-Hidayah. Surely it received approval from the local community.

School was opened in 2003, and has three teachers, 37 students attendeded the event of Adira mobile library car (08/11). According to the principal, Ibu Siti Hafiat ‘’if all children were present could reach 50 children”

“Thank you for visiting our school, thank you very much Adira mobile library car,” said Ayu, teacher of TPA Al-Hidayah.

Various activities such as dancing, competitions include a coloring contest, lego, puzzle enlivened the occasion. After playing, the children hunt for interesting books to read in the mosque. At the end of the event, fairy tales presented with the theme “Lessons Alms’ and educative films. And then door prize and supplementary food given to the children.

Newsroom/Iroh Basiroh

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