strong>MOJU AIRNAV - RZ BERBAGI KECERIAAN DI PAUD ASSYIFA TANGERANGTANGERANG. 05/04) New learning atmosphere is needed by students to renew their enthusiasm in learning, so that they are not tired and bored with learning activities at school. Therefore, Moju Airnav – RZ provides solutions by its mobile library car. In this case, the student of Assyifa Curug Tangerang have been waiting for this event with enthusiasm, teachers also prepare the visit from IrNav – RZ.

“Moju AirNav – RZ in the mobile library program this time visited PAUD Assyifa Curug Tangerang. Children greeted with enthusiasm. In this case we, the facilitators bring books to children to encourage children to read as well as playing so that they are not bored “said Nendi Permana, facilitator Moju AirNav – RZ.

Like the beauty of this day, they learn while playing together happily, this event was closed by the story telling that invites the students to be interested in reading books.

“I would like to thank Moju AirNav – RZ who have visited our school. this is the first time we were visited by Moju AirNav – RZ. The children were very happy and enthusiastic to join the activities organized by the facilitators, ranging from storytelling, reading, playing and watching educational films. Hopefully this visit continues, they can visit our school again in the future, “said the head of PAUD Assyifa, Mrs.Yuli Wahyu.

Moju AirNav – RZ is an alternative learning activities outside of school to stimulate children’s interest in reading and also develop the creativity of children with a variety of fun activities with the methods of playing while learning.

Newsroom / Nendi Permana

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