BANTEN. Thursday (20/07), Rumah Zakat Cilegon conduct a road show to share the happiness in pelandok Pandeglang area in TBM Hasanah in Kp. Cipanon Sumbur Akar, Desa. Tanjung Jaya Kec. Panimbang Kab. Pandeglang.

Previously, we had visited TBM Udin angkot in Pandeglang and continued the 3 hour trip to TBM Hasanah. Team car champion until the location at 20.00 pm.

With the atmosphere of the beach waves surrounded by shady trees under the fruit tree series, the car library around Rumah Zakat Cilegon spread the fun to the children by sharing activities such as storytelling, watching educational films, lego games, congklak and coloring contest.

This activity is followed by elementary school children, early childhood, and kindergarten. In addition to the fun of champion cars, we also provide health education hand washing from Cita Sehat Foundation “CSF”

Mrs. Hj. Hasinah, TBM manager Hasanah said “Thank the Rumah Zakat for their presence in our place, we are grateful to be attended by great people from Rumah Zakat. Hopefully, the future can synergize again in any activity in the Pandeglang community  “he said.

The children of TBM Hasana are also very happy with the arrival of Moju, “Thank you Mobile Library Car Cilegon, I can read the book and know computer training” Said Dina (12 Th)

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