MTT SUMBAGTENG SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK KORBAN BANJIR PANGKALANPADANG. Due to care of victims affected by floods and landslides in West Sumatra, Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel (MTT) Regional Sumbagteng distributed basic food aid that comes from donations of ¬†Periskasel Sumbagteng and Telkomsel employees at two different locations, namely in the Jorong Pauh Anok Post and Jorong Sopan on Tuesday (14/03).

Regional Support of MTT Sumbagteng, Priyandoko said, “This donation is collected from employees of Telkomsel to Periskasel to ease the burden of the victims affected by floods and landslides in West Sumatra.”

Previously, MTT together with Rumah Zakat Padang has held a free medical examination for victims affected by flood on Thursday (03/09). Furthermore, in order to maximize the aid distributed in order to effectively and efficiently also on target, MTT Sumbagteng coordinate with Riva Setiawan from Asoi Balang Community for the distribution of aid.

As a local resident, Riva initiated a joint command post that can accommodate volunteers from various institutions, foundations and community. Riva expressed his gratitude to the MTT Sumbagteng for the aids given, especially to help children’s milk, because so far the aids received only milk for the baby.¬†Previous floods and landslides swept Limapuluh Kota District, West Sumatera.

As a result of heavy rainfall since Thursday (02/03), a total of eight and 12 villages directly affected from floods and landslides covering Pangkalan district, Kapur IX, Mungka, Harau, Payakumbuh, Lareh Sago Halaban, Sulikik, and Empat Barisan. The condition is most severely affected by floods in Pangkalan district with a depth of 1.5 meters due to the overflow of the River Maek. Hundreds of houses, places of worship and public offices were flooded.

In the Jorong Ranah Market, 150 houses were flooded. In the winding 17 there are four landslides spots. Eight cars avalanche in Koto Alam Kilometer 17. Line connecting traffic and the province of West Sumatra Riau was also disconnected. Victims died from landslides reached five as quoted from page, Saturday (04/03).

Hopefully, this can ease the burden of the victims affected by floods and landslides in West Sumatra.


Newsroom / Ai Ratih Rusmayanti



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