MTTG SALURKAN DONASI KEMANUSIAAN KEPADA RZJAKARTA. During a full day of the entire board of Majelis Ta’lim Telkom Group (MTTG)  from the head office, area, and regional attend the annual agenda, Musyawarah Kerja Nasional (Mukernas) or the annual Great National Labour Council in Telkomsel Smart Office Head Quarter Ballroom, on Friday (27/01). At least 90 participants attended the Mukernas MTTG that held for the first time.

MTTG officially launched on July 13, 2015 at the Al Istiqomah Graha Merah Putih Jakarta. Meanwhile, the National Conference (National Conference) MTTG firstly held on (28/07) till (26/07) 2015 and  was officially opened by the Director of Human Capital Management (HCM Telkomsel), Priyantono Rudito in Gegerkalong Telkom Building, Bandung. Through a process of consensus is formed ranks MTTG Central Board with the approval of all participants of the National Conference.

MTTG Chairman, Dedy Mardhianto, said, “Today’s event is a follow-up after the formation of the entire board MTTG or regional territory, after MTTG management center was formed on August 2015, then the MTTG administrators will be formed in in 7 regional. Once formed, this Mukernas is the moment to consolidate between the management board and also to establish a work program as well as the establishment of reference in carrying out our activities in 2017. ”

In addition to discussion of the flagship program, MTTG  also gave humanitarian donation for Rohingya 71.717.000 million Rupiahs and 58.3444 million Rupiahs forTolikara presented by the Chairman of MTTG, Dedy Mardhianto, Director of HCM Telkom, Herdy Harman, and Pembina MTTG, Arif Musta’in to RZ CEO, Nur Effendi.

The series of Mukernas events was closed with Malam Bina Iman dan Takwa (Mabit) in cooperation with MTT which was attended by all Mukernas participants. This activity is a MTT routine program which held every two months.

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