JAKARTA. (14/06). Ramadan became the right momentum to establish friendship among employees for a company. At the time of Ramadhan that has been tracking the 19th day, MTUA Rekind held breaking fast together with the management and employees of PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) and its subsidiaries at Rekind Head Office at East Kalibata Street I No. 36, Rawajati, Pancoran, South Jakarta. In the agenda is also held sponsorship of orphans and dhuafa as many as 150 children assisted Rumah Zakat Jakarta area.


The event began with the recitation of Quran by Syaiful Anwar, the submission of reports from the chairman of Ramadan 1438 H by Sulaeman, remarks by the Executive Director of Rekind Taksak Rekind, Jakub Tarigan, symbolic submission of donations to orphans and dhuafa Lebaran Orphans Gift, tausyiah by DR. Andian Parlindungan, MA and ended by breaking the fast together.


“We are grateful, still able to fulfill the obligations of Muslims, that is sharing together as it is today through the compensation of orphans and dhuafa. Ramadan this time is our own reflection to continue improving our commitment to always work hard. In the month of Ramadhan today, hopefully give a new spirit for all employees, “said Jakub Tarigan in his speech.


On this occasion also, the Chairman of the Ramadhan committee conveyed the financial report of Ramadhan MTUA Rekind activities that the funding requirement for the activities during Ramadhan 1438 H has been reached and exceeded the funding requirement stated in the proposal “Thank you, to donator both individually, group, Project companies and institutions that have donated in Ramadan 1438 H activities may be given ease in all matters and opened the door of sustenance in all directions. Aamin, “Sulaeman said.


The tausyiah delivered by Ustadz DR. Andian Parlindungan, in tausyiah he encouraged orphans to have a strong desire to continue high education. “I also used to be an orphan at the beginning of school to get free fee and continue to college by pursuing scholarship until now has finished doctoral education” said ustadz Andian in his tausyiahnya.


The joint ifthar ended with a meal together, the concept of eating a container prepared 4 servings of food to be enjoyed by two Rekind employees and two orphans. In this event was also entertained by hadroh team of Rumah Zakat’s foster children.

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