RZ LDKO CilegonMEDAN.Sani, he is called. Sani is the second child of three. Sani has a sister who is now in 10 grades and a younger sister who is 4 years old. His father works as a ke pacung seller while his mother is just a housewife.

Due to insufficient financial condition, Sani’s father have to pursue sales targets every day. Consequently Sani is often fetched very late. While other children have arrived at home and enjoy a break, Sani has to wait alone in the school yard with glazed face. But when the call for ashar prayer echoed, Sani will go immediately to the mosque to take a ritual ablution and pray.
Sani has been joining SD Juara since 1 grade. At that time, Sani has been moved from school to school for two times. This is done by his mother because the school treatment is not good to Sani. Sani is ‘different’. As a result he was often bullied by teachers and friends at his previous school.
Finally, in the third year he went to school, Sani was sent to SD Juara. His mother hopes that sani will develop and showing a brilliant achievement at SD Juara. At the beginning of class, Sani showed greater ability than his friends. But over time, Sani began to left behind. 5 Grade is the crucial time for Sani.

He started left far behind, after the psychological test, known that sani is a special child. Sani needs more remedial action and motivation than his friends. Since then, Sani’s father and mother routinely join a focus group discussion which is held special for parents of children with special needs. At schools Sani joins a special activity together with Learning Support Unit. Sani slowly began to show a progress.

Sani was maudlin just because of losing his pencil, now his not easy to cry anymore. Sani who never used to answer the questions but now he dares to raise his hand to answer. Sani who once could only bow shame because his limitation now he dare to look with sparkling eyes.
Sani has been change, the most amazing thing is, it has been a month, sany never miss his prayers. Sani can beat his classmate, although Sani is a special child, but his ability in prayer is exceed his friends. Indeed, it is quite amazing. Sani, we believe you will increasingly resounding with the provision of worship and noble morality. ***

Newsroom/Sahidan Gayo

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