mukhoyam-al-quran-cara-sd-juara-bentuk-generasi-quraniCILEGON. On Monday (01/02) SD Juara Cilegon held the Quran Mukhoyam followed by the students of 3rd grade. Mukhoyam Quran was holded aims to encourage students to fill leisure time with things that are helpful.


Mukhoyam Quran activity  was deliberately held for students in grades 3, for students in grade 3 is now considered has become independent, and also to increase their Quran rote. In Mukhoyam Quran activity students are invited to recite, prayers in congregation, memorizing the verses of the Qur’an, qiyamul Lail, and others activity.


Indeed, not all third grade students can participate in this event, because  some of the students went to their hometown, but this should not diminish the enthusiasm the students and mentors.


Mr. Susanto, Principal of SD Juara Cilegon revealed that hopefully by holding this activity can print Quranic generation and broad-minded, as well as expected to enhance the student memorization.


“Hopefully, by holding Mukhoyam Quran, it can print Quranic generation and broad-minded, but it is also expected to improve students’ rote “, said Mr. Susanto.

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