berinfak-melalui-kotak-amal-di-masjid-ilustrasi-_140509144833-415 One day, there was a boy selling to eran money for his school tuition. Till late afternoon, not much he earned. In fact, hunger and thirst he could not fulfill because of the money from the sales is not enough to buy food and drinks.

Finally, the boy decided to ask for food and drinks from the nearest house. However, when a young mother opened the door, he lost his nerve. So scared, he only dared to ask for a glass of water to relieve thirst.The young mother thinks the child must have been hungry and thirsty so she gave a large glass of milk. The boy drank it, then asked, “How many is my debt to you?”
“You do not owe me anything. My parents used to teach to not accept pay for the good deeds that I do, “replied the young mother.
“Then, I can only say thank you from the bottom of my hearts for all your kindness.” Eventually the child leaved the young mother’s house with a fresh body, feeling more happy and thankful to God.

A few years later, the young mother who helped him with a glass of milk (now old) experiencing severe pain. Doctor in a remote town where she lived was no longer able to help her due to limitations of equipment and should be handled by a specialized physician.

Finally, doctors decided that the woman was taken to hospital in a big city. In most hospitals the woman is being treated well. Dr. Howard Kelly heard the name of the patient’s home town, he rushed to the room where she was being treated.

He instantly recognized and decided to do the best he could to save her. Since that day, he gave special attention and sincerely so that the mother can recover. After passing through an exhausting struggle, Dr Kelly finally managed to cure her (On Allah wills).

At the time of the mother’s condition was improving, Dr. Kelly requested the hospital financial office to give the mother’s bill to him. After reviewing it, Dr. Kelly noted in part that bill. The bill was then sent to the treatment rooms of the mother.

The mother was afraid to open it because she felt would not be able to pay the hospital bills. Finally, with encouragement, she looked at the bill. An article in the bill has attracted attention.
He read the words: “It has been paid in full with one glass of milk. Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly” Tears flowed from the mother’s eyes when his heart happy to say a prayer and gratitude:” Thank you, Lord, your love radiated through the heart of the noble human hands. ”

The above story teaches us the meaning of sincerity. Ikhlas is to purify good deeds for Allah to expect a reward from Him alone. In deed only expects a reply from him, not from humans or other creatures. And we hope to others than Allah be prepared to be disappointed.

Sincere people will get the results (fruit) on crops sincerity. Like, out of any trouble that reaches it, avoid the cunning of Satan, won the love of God, love of man grabbed, and victory in the world and a great reward in the hereafter.

May God always keep our sincerity in worship, preaching, and striving in His way and grab the fruit.

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