DONGGALA, Tuesday (09/10). Musaadah Charity donated 110 units of temporary shelters and 3 units of latrines for victims of the Donggala earthquake through Rumah Zakat. This assistance was handed over to the people of Salubomba Village, Kec. Banawa Tengah, Kab. Donggala, Central Sulawesi.

This activity is a follow-up of the assistance of Musaadah Charity during the emergency response period. The earthquake killed around 4,000 people.

Donggala is now entering the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase of buildings affected by the disaster last year.

On this occasion present Mr. Takwin S.sos as Chairman of the District Parliament Donggala, Mr. Sahrun Hase S.sos as the middle Banawa Subdistrict, Mr. Darman I. Ruhe as Salubomba village secretary representing the local government.

From Musaadah Charity as the donor is represented by Mr. Ahmad.

“The disaster that we have experienced and which we have survived through has greatly impacted the district of Donggala, especially Salubomba Village. There are a large number of people affected by the disaster, Musaadah Charity and Rumah Zakat were present to comfort us in Donggala Regency,” said Mr. Takwin.

“On behalf of the district government, we would like to express our great appreciation. Hopefully, this assistance can ease the burden of our community in Donggala Regency, especially Salubomba village,” concluded Mr. Takwin.

Ahmad in his remarks conveyed, “All Muslims are brothers, it is our obligation to help one another, hopefully, this assistance can benefit the people of Salubomba Village.”


Izzatul Yazid / Hanaa Afifah

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