SALATIGA. Rumah Zakat invites residents in RW 09 Village Dukuh, Sidomukti District, Salatiga City to encourage the culture of planting in the yard of the house. This is the start of the rain in the last days. On Wednesday (04/10), the village facilitator of Rumah Zakat empowered village distributed hundreds of seeds of free vegetable crops to the residents for planting. Types of plants are vegetable crops such as chili, eggplant, tomato, celery, broccoli, and onclang.

Before distributed the seeds of plants, first some of the residents are given education about realizing the Sustainable Food House or KRPL with the headline “Talkshow about Realizing Successful KRPL ” by inviting an agricultural expert who was also a pioneer of KRPL in Salatiga City. He is Awaludin Isnaini graduate of agriculture graduate of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta. Even under his upbringing, in 2012 his neighborhood was once a model of KRPL in Kota Salatiga.

He said that to create a successful KRPL required two conditions, which must be based on love to plant and make it as a necessity, because if not based on these two things then the business we do will not run permanently. Surely in time sooner or later will experience obstacles and eventually despair. Therefore, to realize a successful KRPL requires persistence and continuous care.

“In order for businesses to realize KRPL can be successful, we must start with two conditions that is based on the love and needs, so that our efforts will be long and sustainable. After the harvest and the plants die, if we love and need it will be planted with new seeds again. And so on, “said Awaludin Isnaini.

He added that to start in environmental conservation on a narrow land can be done by planting plants that are easy to grow, resistant to pests, and last long. Among them like strawberry plants, gingseng Java, and gotu kola.

The participants were very enthusiastic to follow the farming class. It is evident that almost all participants ask or confide about their constraints in planting either dead plants or plants not growing normally. Pemateripun answered clearly and easily accepted. Awaludin Isnaini is already experienced in agriculture proved he managed to foster some farmer groups in the city of Salatiga to be successful.

Dwi Pujiyanto, the facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Salatiga city said that the agricultural class activities for the narrow land and the distribution of seeds is a program “Senyum Lestari” from Rumah Zakat. People are encouraged to promote the culture of planting in the home environment. It aims to create a sustainable environment green and beautiful. It also can provide the needs of healthy vegetables to be cooked every day and even expected to generate additional income from the planting business.

“This activity aims to create a sustainable and green environment. In addition, to supply vegetables that are clean and healthy for their own crops to be consumed daily. Even the future can be expected as a source of additional income of citizens, “said Dwi Pujiyanto.

Sri Watiningsih or who is familiarly called Eyang Ti by the residents admitted very happy and grateful given the opportunity to follow the agricultural education class held Rumah Zakat. She was immediately interested and willing to directly visit the source house to learn more and order the seeds of plants.

“It’s great to be able to join this event, adding my insights in the field of planting. Which father’s house? I do not visit anytime, want to learn more about KRPL and see the beautiful environment in your area, “said Sri Watiningsih.


Newsroom / Dani Suhardi

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