PONOROGO. Sunday, (09/07) about 70 young muslimah in  Morosari Empowered Village, Sukorejo Ponorogo held Silaturahim and Halal bi Halal at BA Aisyiyah Morosari Building. synergy to be an independent

The activity opened with the show from children’s cultural art BA Aisyiyah, this event was also attended by PKK Team Leader, Posyandu Cadre, BKB Cadre, and representatives from Karang Taruna.

“Today’s event is quite simple, but hopefully it can be a means of strengthening the synergy of Muslim women in Morosari,” said Ita Rohayati, Chairman of the Greeting Committee.

The young mother who is also a teacher in MTs proud and give their positive response for young Muslim Morosari in prospering the activities of Islamization. “Thanks to Rumah Zakat that has made Morosari be Empowered Village, we are more excited about our activities in the village.” He continued.

The result of the gathering was composed “10 Commitments Muslimah Morosari” which among them mentioned a willingness to learn and develop themselves. Inten (21 years old), who read the statement of commitment in front of an audience, claimed to be inspired. “Well, I shudder when I read it, and on the other hand I feel challenged to fulfill that commitment”, he said.

As a facilitator of community empowerment of Morosari Village, the Rumah Zakat’s Empowered Village Facilitator, Amah Hida was asked to motivate the audience. At the end of the session, Amah Hida asserted, “Women are the pillar of the civilization, the pillar of civilization, the main successor of the next generation, let’s make Syawwal the momentum of improving all the good things that we have pioneered, let’s revive the women’s union and the skills training Which some had time off during Ramadan “.

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