KAB. TEGAL. Sunday (10 / 08) Women of PKK RT 02 / RW 01 Ujungrusi, Adiwerna, Tegal Regency with Rumah Zakat Facilitator carried out waste sorting activity in Kebrajan Bank Sampah Sejahtera.

“Sorting and weighing this waste the second time as long as the garbage bank program in Ujungrusi village runs. Alhamdulilah, the number present at the sorting and weighing this week increased compared to last week “said Hasbi Iskandar, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

The first week of October- Hasbi continued – Kebrajan Trash Bank managed to get income of 137,000 from waste sales collected by customers. Sharing the result of garbage collection is 30% for the board and 70% for customers. Cadres have been chosen for each neighborhood to mobilize residents in their neighborhood who become Trash Bank customers.

Sejahtera Trash Bank activity that held 2 times in a month also get a positive response from the local village apparatus.

“I am proud of Rumah Zakat, more residents participate in Kebrajan Sejantera Trash Bank, and they become more solid, especially now customers of Trash Bank already get a savings book “said Village Secretary, Baidowi.

Hasbi also hoped May facilities and infrastructure Kebrajan Trash Bank can be improved. So the trash bank’s customers increases and earns trust from village government.

“Hopefully the public awareness in sorting waste improve, especially for Ujungsari residents. So we also can preserve the environment” he said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah

Kab. Tegal

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