NEK HAJERAH, TOKOH PENYEMANGAT IBU IBU DI RAPPOKALLING MAKASSARMAKASSAR, (28/3). Rappokalling is one of the villages in the district Tallo, Makassar. The area is one of the Rumah Zakat assisted village in Makassar.

Various programs have been launched by Rumah Zakat and in the health sector one of the programs is a healthy exercise held regularly every Saturday. Healthy exercise conducted for women, housewives not to mention the elderly.

Hajerah is a grandmother who is a figure in Rappokalling who always encouraging women at that area to always exercise. Nek Hajerah always gives a new spirit on every execution of exercise.

“Every gymnastics, Grandma Hajerah always transmit the spirit to other mothers. Despite his age, but the gymnastic movement remain agile and powerful. Always cheerful demeanor, especially when asked for photos when holding vegetables, Nek Hajerah very excited, “said Ramli, PIC activities.

65-year-old woman lives with her husband and grandchildren. Besides taking care of the grandchildren, every day she is preoccupied with selling groceries at her home. While Daeng Gading, Hajera’s husband works as a bentor driver or tricycles motor driver.

“We must exercise to keep healthy. Moreover, this program has been aided by Rumah Zakat who pay attention to health in this area ” Hajerah said.

Hajerah never missed doing exercise. Every Saturday morning, she’d have been in the field for doing exercise. Ramli hoped Hajerah’ spirit can continue to be embedded on other exercise participants and motivate other people who have not followed the healthy exercise.


Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu 


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