RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. Poverty is one of biggest problems in the world. World Bank data shows that there are 3 billion people or 80 percent of people over the world who live in poverty; with 2.5 USD per day, whereas in Indonesia 1.25 USD per day. There are 22.000 children die each day due to poverty (UNICEF), whereas million of children in the world are malnourished due to living as poverty.

Those development challenges are summarized in Millennium Development Goals; a program where its level indicators are very clear. In Indonesia, the implementation of MDGs has given positive contributions. Even though there are some goals that need to be achieved with hardworking but there are many goals that have showed betterment or even some of them have been achieved. Indonesia managed to reduce the proportion on low income society, 1.00 USD per capita per day, from 20.60 percent in 1990 to 5.90 percent in 2008.

Condition in Indonesia is also experienced by other developing countries and other poor countries in Asia and Africa. The experiences of some non-government organizations in Indonesia show that there are many indicators which can be used as a strategic entrance in reducing absolute poverty.

Therefore, RZ initiated to share those experiences and formulated it in the seminar named NGO Summit “Fighting Poverty” held on April 25th – 26th, 2015 in Savoy Homann, Bandung. This seminar was attended by 150 delegations of International NGOs that concern on humanitarian, disaster, poverty, health, education and environment issues.

Heny Widiastuti, the Chief Program Officer of RZ and the Chairwoman Committee of NGO Summit, said that the experiences of the vanguards are expected to give positive contribution and important notes to the implementation of Asian-African Conference 2015 and to the heads of states who participated in Asian African Conference, under the theme “Strengthening South-South Cooperation to Promote World Peace and Prosperity”. ***

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