KEBAHAGIAAN DARI HIDANGAN DESA BINAAN SANGKRAHSurakarta. It was like in the past, a traditional lamps hang above beautiful, with meals that have been neatly arranged.

That’s the atmosphere when we stopped to eat a meal at one of the village’s small-scale RZ. his name is Wedangan Umiqu, it is one of the stalls built in the village of RZ empowerment Sangkrah, Pasar Kliwon, Surakarta, Central Java.

That’s when the Relawan Inspirasi learned the meaning of a simplicity and happiness. Only with Rp 4,500 rupiah, it feels full.

From this simple wedangan, along with Ibu Budi Setyani, owner of Wedangan Umiqu, we did 2 mosque and community empowerment in the surrounding area.

She is very grateful for the mentoring and empowerment undertaken by RZ in Sangkrah, especially for his family.

“Thank God I am very grateful to RZ, community empowerment for all that has been done in the area of Sangkrah, so I could get a scholarship and also funds RZ for both my sons.” She said .

Newsroom/Wanda Yulianto

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