Burning calories do not require to spend a lot of time. According to the non-profit organization American Council on Exercise, there are a number of simple activities that can burn up to 700 calories easily within an hour.

One of the daily activities that can cut a lot of calories, are gardening and watering plants. Doing house chores are also very effective for burning belly fat and losing weight.

Another fun way is swimming for 68 minutes which can also burn around 700 calories. Cycling at a speed of 10 miles per hour for 96 minutes is also a simple way to cut the same number of calories.

Those who want to increase the amount of calorie they burn can try other sports, such as jumping rope. According to Medical News Today, jumping rope can burn 15 to 20 calories for every minute.

In fact, jumping rope is believed to burn 25 percent more calories than jogging. Doing rope jumping for an hour without a break can cut 1,300 calories, plus other good benefits for the brain.

Movement of the body while jumping rope has an impact on improving memory, spatial skills, and mental alertness. Fun sports are a perfect way if you find yourself running too boring.

Another method is to practice martial arts and treadmills. If challenged at a higher level, use a static bicycle with medium speed for one hour, quoted from the Daily Star page.


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