ceo2 In a hadith Al-Tirmizi told that there was a man, who asked Rasulullah, “ya Rasulullah who are the best man among us? he said: “who has a long life and does what is good.”

Sobat RZ, the hadith above has made me ask to myself; Allah has given me a chance to live up to this day but do the quality of myself as servant of the Creator has been improved as well? Am I a lucky person in the presence of the Creator? I’m sure that only Allah who knows the answer. Our duty is only to live a life in accordance with His provisions.

With a great spirit to be better, in this following New Year, RZ attempts to bridge your love through sharing programs. We are committed to be your partner in sharing through integrated empowering programs implemented in 466 areas in Indonesia. Through “One Community One Action Program”, we initiate to empower Indonesia through local potential optimization.

One of them is education empowering program which is implemented through Sekolah Juara till Scholarship Program for the needy. Along with donors, in 2014, RZ has successfully educated 1.892 students in Sekolah Juara and mentored 6.790 needy students through Scholarship (Beasiswa Ceria).

In 2015, RZ is also committed to distribute Superqurban corned from the donors through Humanitarian Expedition Program in remote and outermost areas in Indonesia. The volunteers of RZ are also ready to help people anytime and anywhere both national and international scale.

Those efforts are implemented only for being the best person before Him (Allah). Hopefully, it will be a good charity record for donors, distributors, and beneficiaries. Let’s cooperate to become the best people. Happy New Year 2015!

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