MAGELANG. Monday (01/10) Martini Facilitator of Rumah Zakat for Bringin Village conducted a humanitarian oration for Palu, this time Martini did it in front of the PKK community in Bringin village.

Previously Martini also made an invitation to donate helping earthquake victims and Tsunami Palu in the Majlis Taklim Berkah Mandiri congregation, and early morning college worshipers, now in front of around a hundred PKK mothers, Martini also invited to care about Palu.

Mothers gathered at the Bringin Village hall, solemnly listening and being present by giving the best donations. In addition to the invitation to donate Martini also urged the public to perform sholat ghoib in 21 hamlets in Bringin Village

“Let our Bringin community give our best donations to help our brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Central Sulawesi and let’s carry out sholat ghoib for our brothers and sisters who have died from this earthquake,” Martini said in her speech.

Until Monday (10/01), through the action she has done, collected from the Bringin community of 2,150,000, this number has not been added by individual donations through the account number.



Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah


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