BATAM. Volunteer Nusantara Kepri held a new Volunteer Orientation activity. This activity started at 08.00 a.m at the Al Azhar Beverly Batam center. Attended by 25 volunteer candidates consisting of 8 Ikhwan and 17 akhwat. Their enthusiasm is seen in following this series of events, with many interactions with the speakers. Sunday (21/01). This event was held simultaneously across the entire network of Volunteer Nusantara Indonesia.

Volunteer candidates are given an overview of voluntary activities, activities, and programs. One of the speakers, Mas Agus Suprianto, as a senior volunteer is quite impressive, namely “Limitations in everything, not an obstacle to share”. He said.

His spirit to help others, contagious to the audience.

Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Kepri that is Mr. Muhammad Isa delivered the Institutional Material in a concise, clear and detailed way to the potential volunteer archipelago.

After the activities of the room, followed by a direct action to give a gift to patients at Harapan Bunda Hospital, JL. Seraya no 1, Kp. Kampung Ampar, Batam city, Riau Islands

One of the Beneficiaries of this action was the 45-year-old family of Bpk Mubarak. “He is very grateful for his visit and parcel, may Allah SWT will repay the good of these volunteers.

By choosing to be a volunteer means we are ready to contribute our time, energy and all our expertise to Help and Accompany the volunteer target, clearly emanated from the face of the Nusantara Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator Sujasman, Hopefully with the increase of Nusantara volunteers, the more spirit to reverence to the ummah keeps its good intentions to always istiqomah. Allah hu Akbar, “he said.

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