RZ LDKO CilegonSEMARANG. After implementing interview and writing test for the volunteer candidates, Sunday, October 19th, Semarang RZ Volunteer organized an orientation program for the selected volunteer in At-Taqwa Mosque, Halmahera Street 3, Semarang.

The program was attended by 23 new volunteers that are consisted of 14 female and 9 male volunteers. Most of them are college students that has high social minded.

In this opportunity, they were motivated in order to strengthen their intention joining with RZ. Semarang RZ Volunteer invited Erip Saeful Rizal, RZ Semarang Delegation, Ustadz Amin, a motivator, kemal Eko and Tri Sugiharto, Semarang Volunteer Coordinator, to deliver the materials.

In the last session of orientation, the participants were invited to introduce their self. In addition, they were also informed that the volunteers are always enthusiastic to help others. They have a magic word inside their heart namely “stay motivated to help people, Allahuakbar!”

Newsroom/Wahyu Hartawan


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