MOJOKERTO. In Commemorating Islamic New Year 1439 H, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat held Outbound for Youth of Jatirejo Empowered Village, Mojokerto, East Java, (09/ 21). In commemoration of the Islamic new year 1439 H, Rumah Zakat in cooperation with BKPRMI Kec.Lendah held Outbond for Youth of Jatirejo Empowered Village.

This outbound activity was held to coincide with Islamic New Year 1439 H which falls on 21 September 2017 located at Ecotourism of Gunung Api Purba Nglangeran, Pathuk, Gunung Kidul.

“This outbound is to facilitate Youth of Jatirejo Empowered Village to have positive activities to fill the Islamic New Year holidays and also efforts to instill the values ​​of the Islamic spirit among the youth realized in the form of tasks and outbound  games”, said Nadi Susanto as Rumah Zakat Facilitator.

Chairman BKPRMI Kec. Lendah, Eko Waluyo also hopes to continue to synergize with Rumah Zakat in conducting activities and youth coaching In Jatirejo Empowered Village, so the goal of realizing Islamic Youth, Smart, inspiring can be realized.

Newsroom/ Dani Suhardi

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