BATAM. To provide a memorable and meaningful lesson, 25 students of grade 1 SD Juara Batam do an Outing Class in the framework of the Indonesian Environment Day with the theme ‘Together Keeping Nature. The event was conducted on Thursday (25/01/2018) in the Forest Tourism area Mata Kucing located on Taman Bukit Golf street, Sekupang Batam.

In the outing class, all the students who came with enthusiasm recorded the condition and state of the animals, habitats, shelter and animal food that became the collection.

“The Outing Class is a part of learning that greatly facilitates us as a Class Guardian. Children learn directly in nature, calculate & observe every life of the surrounding flora and fauna. So these experiences will be a very valuable knowledge for the students of Sekolah Juara, “said Lidya Antika Sari as the Guardian of Class 1 SD Juara Batam.

After doing the observation, along the area of Mata Kucing Tourism and having lunch together, orphans and underprivileged students who attended Free School at SD Juara Batam, continued the cover activity with Swimming Class program. Learning to swim guided by Mr. Ikhsan Ramadhan S.Kom, “Glad to be at SD Juara Batam because there is learning outside the class, swimming activities, and my streets,” said Muhammad Fajri first grade students SD Juara Batam.

Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin as Principal of SD Juara Batam also added. “Today’s Outing Class program is a series of classroom lessons that are associated with outdoor activities, in the hope that the learning process will be richer in meaning and create a fun and memorable learning for all students. This education as one of our efforts to create a superior generation and character, “he said.


Newsroom / Lidya Antika

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