MALANG. (12/04) Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Rudeq Muhammad Yanuar Santoso together with assisted members established to form a community or entrepreneur community named Ngalamandiri in Sukun Empowered Village, Malang.

“Now we are also focusing on creating Ngalamandiri SMEs community. Ngalam is the opposite of Malang. Hopefully with this community, that effort being run by the members can be financially independent, “Rudeq said.

Rudeq added, Paguyuban Ngalamandiri aims to recruit as many potential business actors in Sukun Empowered Village. If the condition of the member’s business is still included in the category that needs assistance, it will be synergized with the Economic Empowerment Program of Rumah Zakat. Conversely, if conditions the business has advanced and developed, will serve as a business mentor.

Therefore the program of Paguyuban Ngalamandiri are sharia cooperatives for members, cheap groceries program for members and surrounding communities, training together with government agencies, entrepreneurial visits, Islamic studies, business mentoring by inviting business experts, Kopdar conducted at the home of members alternately once a month, and an internal jamboree program called Empowerment Camp.

“After following the guidance of entrepreneurship from Rumah Zakat, the members admitted there was progress in his business. Although everyone is different, the increase, but in a manner all of them said they had increased their turnover to their business, “Rudeq said.

Members of Paguyuban Ngalamandiri usually gather to do their activities on Jalan Merusan Street Selatan, RT 5/3 Kel. Breadfruit, Kec. Sukun, Malang City. It is the business place of Yohanes Wahyudi, one member of UMKM built by Rumah Zakat that sells STMJ (Milk, Egg, Honey, Ginger).

Lailatul Istikhomah

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