By: Bahagia

Picking up trash is included as kindness that brings someone into heaven. However, many people underestimate the actions of picking up trash. You can find trash everywhere. The garbage piled up behind the office, rubbish scattered in the river, floating on the surface of the ocean, and on the edge of the road.

From Abu Hurairah RA, The Prophet SAW said, “There was a man who was walking and saw a branch in the middle of the road when crossing. Then the man said, ‘By Allah, I will get rid of this tree branch so as not to disturb the Muslims who pass by. Then, that person is put into heaven’. ” (HR by Imam Muslim).

Then, from Abu Barzah RA, said, “O Prophet of Allah, teach me something that I can benefit from. His answer, ‘Get rid of the disturbances from the path of the Muslims’.” (HR Imam Muslim).

This hadith gives motivation in collecting trash and that processing trash could make a person enter heaven. Go to heaven because of small deeds, but gives a big impact. When eliminating the problem many others benefit.

Clean the river from trash so that many living creatures are saved and flash floods do not occur so that people’s lives and souls are saved, river pollution also does not occur. We can imagine how many liters of river water and seawater are polluted by trash.

When waste is treated and cleaned from sources of life such as rivers, then many living creatures are saved. Creativity in modifying waste can reduce waste piles. For example, inorganic wastes are made into crafts and are recycled.

A creative person who modifies garbage means he has been holding the garbage so that it does not have an adverse effect on others. Likewise, with people who recycle waste, he has made the product into the same form, but not to cause damage to others.

It is better for organic waste to also be similar. The unpleasant odor comes from the decay of organic waste. While we can produce environmentally friendly fertilizers, Indonesia is a country in agriculture. Organic waste if processed gives a lot of benefits.

Farming becomes organic and farmers do not need to buy expensive fertilizer. While agricultural products are also organic because they are free from the use of fertilizers that are not friendly to nature. In fact, soil fertility is maintained and counted as alms to the soil and earthworms.

In fact, there are still people who throw garbage while driving a car or motorcycle on the highway. If the bottled plastic is thrown away while driving, then other drivers might slip. If the trash in the form of fruit skins like discarded banana peels are thrown out it has the potential to make other people slip. If they know the reward for processing trash, they will not waste this best opportunity.


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