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One day a great cleric and court expert, Hasan Basri, was asked by someone, regarding his favorite clothes. “Hi Abu Sa’id (nickname Imam Hasan Basri), what clothes do you like the most?”

Hasan Basri replied, “The clothes (which I like the most) are the thickest and the rudest, and the least despicable according to humans.”

The questioner was surprised by the answer he heard. He also re-searched the information, “How come the priest, is there no history that states that Allah is Mahaindah and loves beauty?”

Hearing the objection from the questioner, the Imam also explained, “O my son, you have been wrong in understanding this proposition. If what is meant by beauty for God is clothing, the sinner is better on His side than the pious people. “” Know, “he continued,” Indeed, what is meant by beauty is to draw closer to God by doing obedience, avoiding immorality, and follow noble and noble morals. ”

He then completed his presentation by quoting the hadith narrated by Imam Malik in the book al-Muwatha. “Indeed I was sent to perfect noble character.”

From the story above, it is clear that the essence of beauty for a believer is not reflected in the accessories used. However, it is judged from his obedience to God and the moral shown. When these two things are attached to a person, they will be loved and admired by anyone around them. That is the essence of one beauty.

But on the contrary, if morals loose from personality, what appears is bad temperament, like to harm others, neglecting religious affairs. So as expensive as any clothing or as grand as any decoration that is used to beautify oneself, it will be of no use. Extinguish yourself both in the eyes of men, and even more so in the sight of God.

An Arabic proverb states, “Laisa al-jamaalu bi atwaabin tuzayiyunaa inna al-jamaala jamaalu al-ilmi wa al-adabi” (It is not that beauty with a gown attached to the body. However, that beauty is the beauty of science and manners).

More than that, even the Messenger of Allāh melalui confirmed through his statement, Verily Allah does not look at your appearance and property. However, (Allah) looks at your heart and your charity, “(Muslim).

So, anyone who wants ultimate beauty then decorates himself by increasing obedience to God, and always has moral character, which refers to the Qur’an and as-Sunnah. Wallahu amu alamu bish-shawab.



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