BANGLADESH. Rumah Zakat again distributes aid for the Rohingnya Muslim refugees residing in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (29/09). The location of this distribution is 2 camps in Balukhali, namely Purbo Para Balukhali Camp and Gundum Camp, both can be taken about 2-3 hours drive from Cox’s Bazar center.

Like most, the camp conditions in Balukhali are very alarming. The refugee shelter is made of bamboo, with plastic and grounded. Lack of clean water and toilets, plus the absence of drainage makes the camp environment very shabby, smelly and unhealthy. In addition to the dirty environment, they also have to undergo their days with hungry conditions, because of the lack of ability to meet daily food needs.

In both camps, Rumah Zakat distributes food packages consisting of rice, oil, beans, sugar, salt, biscuits, mineral water, dried dates and milk. In addition, Rumah Zakat also distributes sanitary napkins and medicines.

“We will continue to distribute food aid for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, as food is an urgent need for refugees today,” said Nurmansyah, Zakat House Humanity team in Bangladesh.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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