RZ LDKO CilegonCIKARANG. Cultivating and preserving the plants in the hot and dusty are is become a challenge.But with the exixstance of cikarang hydroponic house at least a give a little relief to the villagers of Karang Asih, ICD region Cikarang. Because at least in the neighborhood there are various plants can still flourish.

Total of 300 holes of PVC made in cikarang hydroponic house as a medium for hydroponic cultivation. Various kinds of plants are grown using traditional media as well as conventional. Traditional media such as rockwool and conventional such as soil. Until now since it’s established in 2012, the house has several times cropped the hydroponic. Caisim Vegetables more dominant than other crops such as cabbage, beans, onions, mustard and vegetables kale.

Growing plants with hydroponics system is actually fairly easy. Because only by using avaliable media, such as soil, small rocks, gravel, palm fiber and coconut fiber, plants can be grown. But among the media, the rockwool is the most effective. If using Rockwooll media, the plants can be harvested in 20 days while using soil media can reach 45 days.

“In terms of duration of growth, using a hydroponics system rockwool media the plants can growing faster than with conventional media or ordinary soil. Once harvesting it can generate as much as 15 kg caisim. “Said Hafiz as the Cikarang ICD facilitator. ***


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