JAKARTA. Sunday (25/11). The Jatinegara Kaum hydroponic garden is a program rolled out by Bank DKI and Rumah Zakat in Jatinegara Kaum Flat.

This program runs from October 2017 to the present. During the course of the hydroponic garden program successfully harvest every month. As for vegetables grown in hydroponic gardens are pakcoy, mustard greens, spinach and kailan.

The main target of this program is as a means of education for residents about hydroponic gardens and the importance of consuming healthy vegetables for the body. In addition, from this program residents who are managing hydroponic gardens get additional income for their families, because the resulting crops try to be sold at reasonable prices as is generally the case with hydroponic vegetables.

“In addition to being able to sell vegetables cultivated in hydroponic gardens, I hope that Jatinegara Kaum flat can be an educational tourism destination for people who are interested in hydroponics or students who want to learn to grow crops,” said Nurdin, Rumah Zakat facilitator when asked about his hopes.

“Alhamdullila, I earn more money for my family from this,” Kasdun said, conveying the positive impact of managing the Hydroponic Garden.


Abdullah Thabit

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