BOGOR. To empower the economy of the village community pemagarsari Rumah Zakat has fostered this village to move in the field of animal husbandry Rumah Zakat in Pemagersari Village, Parung Bogor Sub-district has cultivated Catfish using the bioflok method.

Bioflok is an intensive catfish cultivation technology that relies on oxygen supply and flocks of certain microorganisms. Santri (the students in the boarding school)  participated in the study from the beginning to the harvest process. Catfish varieties used by the type of Python that has resistance to cold weather so low mortality.

The results showed that the Bioflok method was quite influential on the number of catfish harvested. The third catfish harvest in November reached 142 kg. This amount is higher than the previous harvest of 68 kg and 93 kg.


Rumah Zakat Facilitator in Pemagarsari Village, Sopian also accompanied the holding of the catfish boarding. Sopian is also initiating a Tilapia Farmers Group named Mina Nilasari Jaya in Sinarsari village, Dramaga district, Bogor.


Besides in Pemagarsari Village, Catfish Cultivation was also carried out in other empowered villages, including Cendana Purbalingga Village, Gemenggeng Nganjuk Village, Arjosari Malang, Suci Jember Village, Sukaharja Karawang Village, Sukodadi Malang, Gandrung Mangu Village Cilacap and other village villages. Hopefully this one people’s effort can develop to sustain the economy and food of the people.



Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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