INDRAMAYU. Sunday (17/09), “Alhamdulillah,” that is the first word that Asih Mayasari, the Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Kertasemaya Village said, as an expression of gratitude for the three teenage of the mosque, they are Abel, Obi and Feri, they enjoy the harvest of catfish from Rumah Zakat.

Although there is a little disappointment because from the 250 catfishes seedlings stocked with routine feeding only half that can be harvested. But they remain to be grateful. The number of catfish is reduced probably because of the water snake that preyed on many catfish seedlings before it was harvested.

Umi, so the greetings of the children to Asih Mayasari, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat always give the spirit to the three of them. Three high school kids are in the middle of busy school, still taking the time to start the cultivation of Catfish.

“I’m tired to catch the catfish but it makes me happy ummi, because it can harvest as well. Although many catfish are missing,” said Obi with a sense of gratitude.

Asih hopes that this effort will be the first step for teenagers to have life skills, gain valuable experience that every desire needs a business and hard work is not a trial or an instant product. As a reward from their work. They may re-enlarge their catfish in the tarpaulin ponds that are safer than snake water, yuyu (crabs) and other predators.

Additionally, they will also be allowed to re-prepare the drained pond for replanting the prepared catfish. May remain in patience and gratitude so that all feel blessing.

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