SUMATERA. Cultivated catfish built Rumah Zakat in Pantai Cermin Langkat, Tanjung Pura Subdistrict, Langkat Regency, North Sumatera, able to produce catfish as much as 845 kilogram in its inaugural harvest. The results of this catfish that many provide great motivation for breeders built Rumah Zakat.

Burma catfish seeds enter in a captive pond on October 20, 2017, and harvest on Saturday (06/01/2018). Lele age about 2 months 16 days with varied sizes, most reaches 2.5 ounces per tail.

The first period, seeds are spread in captivity as much as 8000 heads. “The catfish mortality rate in captivity is still high, because the breeders are still in the learning phase. Sometimes mistakes often occur in the treatment, including when selecting and moving catfish to a larger pool, many catfish become stressful. However, from the harvest can provide motivation and a sense of satisfaction for the effort so far, “said Hafizham as the facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

“Burma catfish is also a special interest and attraction for community. In addition to its care is not so complicated display of the catfish itself white and clean different from the type of catfish that exist in general, “he added.

Suparnoto farmers built Rumah Zakat, feel happy about his catfish harvest. “Thank you for the help of Rumah Zakat who has nurtured and provided training. I will keep trying hard, to be able to develop a catfish business. I will invite other residents to raise livestock and open new jobs in the village, “he said.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi


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