RZ LDKO CilegonBANDAR LAMPUNG. Tuesday (12/08), citizens who are members of the Salam Berseri Community harvested kale (kangkung) in RZ Lampung nutrient garden built in Rawa Baru village Lampung, Sukaraja sub-district. Kec. Bumi Waras district Bandar Lampung.

There are 3 RZ nutrient gardens built in the city of Bandar Lampung, one in Rawa Baru. Residents who are members of the Salam Berseri community are very excited because the kale crops are quite good.

This kale cultivated using organic fertilizer or organic fertilizer composter made by the Community Salam Berseri. Yields partly sold to the local people and the results are saved for Salam Berseri community and the rest of it will be consumed together.

“Berkat kerjasama kelompok Salam Berseri, panen kangkung berjalan dengan lancar dan hasilnya memuaskan, selain kangkung, kami pun menanam terong, tanaman obat, cabai rawit, cabai merah, dan sawi.“ Papar M. Syajeansyah, fasilitator ICD Sukaraja.***

“Alhamdulillah with the existence of RZ nutrient garden, we can get many benefits, the first is in utilization unused land that is previously unproductive, now can be used, both, the yields can fulfill our nutritional needs and some yields can be set for our future purposes.” said Mrs. Dede (47 years old), the group leader of Salam Berseri community.

“Thanks to Salam Berseri cooperation, kale harvest went well and the results are satisfying, not only spinach, we also grow eggplants, herbs, chili, red chili, and mustard greens.”Said M. Syajeansyah the ICD Sukaraja facilitator. ***

Bandar Lampung

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