ROME – ITALY. 12-13 September 2018 CEO of Rumah Zakat Nur Effendi and Director of Benevolence Research Center Rumah Zakat Aryo present at the 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development 2018 (ICSD) in Rome Eventi, Piazza della Pilotta, Rome, Italy organized by the European Center of Sustainable Development.

In this international conference, Rumah Zakat had the opportunity to be a speaker to review the Paper entitled “Integrated Community Development to Alleviate Poverty and Social Problems: Case Study of Desa Berdaya (Empowered Village) Rumah Zakat. The paper was presented by Bagus Aryo in front of 120 delegates from 50 countries.

In his presentation, Bagus explained that the role of empowerment through intervention programs consisting of education, health, economic, environmental and disaster mitigation programs had a positive impact on the progress of the community in Desa Berdaya.

“Integrated empowerment carried out by Rumah Zakat in Desa Berdaya has contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in goals no 1. no poverty, goals no 2. good health and welfare, goals no 3. Quality Education and goals no 6. clean water and sanitation” he explained at the conference.

In conclusion, Bagus explained that The evidence from integrated community development (Desa Berdaya) initiatives reveal that ideas and projects emerging from the community as a whole have a higher potential for implementation and the final outcome of participatory process in this program contributes greatly to the capacity building of community, economic empowerment, education, health, and environment.

“This integrated community development also reduces social problems and poverty and fulfil some of SDGs goal such as no poverty, good health and well-being, quality of education, clean water and sanitation. Systemic changes are seen and appear in some Desa Berdaya program. This shows positive change and aligns with the beneficiaries of Desa Berdaya who is actually the poor, “he said.


Meanwhile, Nur Efendi assessed this opportunity to be a good opportunity for Rumah Zakat to show the international community that interventions carried out in the right way could have a sustainable impact on the community, especially in the village.

“Thank God, being able to show our work together in the international arena, of course this is the result of the contributions and collaboration of all of us,” he said.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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