parenting-sd-juara-cimahi-pola-pengasuhan-anak-di-era-digitalCIMAHI. Monday (21/11). SD Juara Cimahi organized parenting school with the theme ‘parenting style in digital are’ with Kak Mumu kakatu’s CEO and Mrs. Ellya Munski, psychologist mother as the speakers. The purpose of parenting school is to provide education to parent, especially on how to educate children.

Parenting event was held on Sunday (11/20) in SD Juara Cimahi hall started at 8:00 until 11:30 am. Mrs. Elya Munski a psychologist explained cases that result from the use of gadgets by children who fall on pornography and games addiction. On the other hand Kak Mumu tells his life story that went through a phase of addiction to the game until he out from the condition, and even he has made kakatu applications that can help parents prevent children from accessing the Internet of negative content.

Mrs. Elya emphasizes that parents need to take the time to communicate with children. “The concern of parents is very important in this digital era, one of them by providing special time for children to communicate and play together to make pleasant atmosphere home, this is can prevent children entangled in the negative effects of cyberspace”

Participants which consists of the parents one of whom Mr. Eko welcomed the submission of the theme of parenting this time “Really helpful the material according to our needs, thank you,” She said.


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