SEMARANG. On Sunday (23/07) SD Juara Semarang held a monthly routine of Parenting Class. This month’s activity coincides with the month of Syawal and the beginning of the year 2017-2018 so that the event combined with Halal Bi Halal event. At 07.00 the parents came to school, at Jl.Pucung RT 2 / RW 9 Plamongansari Pedurungan.

Some came alone with their baby, some came in pairs attending this activity. The event was opened by MC, Mrs Kastipah, S.Pd homeroom teacher of 5th grade, and then continued with taujih robbani which brought by Filzah, 2nd grade pupil and Zahra, 3rd grade pupil.

After tasmi’ the event was officially opened with remarks from the Principle of SD Juara Semarang who conveyed the newest format of SD Juara Semarang structure and the usage of K-13 for grade 1, 2, 4, 5 while the KTSP for grade 3 & 6, and coaching group.

And before stepping to tausyiah, the 5th grader Viona and Salma showed their talent in front of the audience. They are actually vocalists at the school’s rebana extracurricular.

The material was delivered approximately one and a half hours by Ustadz Rusmanto who explained about “Happy With Al-Quran”. He said to be a friend of Al-Quran by reading, tadabur and memorize Al-Qur’an.

“Reading is interpreted as a worship for competing to recite the Qur’an. When our heart is clean then it will never be satisfied to read the Qur’an, “said Ustadz Rusmanto.

After the tausyiah, it followed by a question and answer session by MC. The audience was very enthusiastic to ask questions. “Good material, it makes me want to learn Quran more,” said one of the parents.


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