Parenting SMP Juara Pekanbaru bahas Magnet RezekiPEKANBARU. SMP Juara Pekanbaru carried out monthly agenda namely Parenting School. In this activity the material provided is Magnet of Sustenance. This discussion is intentionally put in a parenting matter so that parents are able to be gratefull and positive thinking.

The Event started at 9:00 to 10:00 pm. Speakers in the parenting school this time is Ustd Abdrur Rahman with the theme “Magnet of Sustenance”. This theme is taken from ust Nasrullah’s book. The event attended by 143 parents of 149 parents. These numbers show almost all parents attend this event.

In his submission, there are 3 key to be able to attract the sustenance such as Positive Thinking, Positive Feeling and Positive Motivation.

“We as humans should always assume good things on what we see, we have experienced, including in any disaster that happens to us. If we think good things it will create Positive Feeling and finally make any attitude, action, and our activities are always based on the intent, spirit and positive motivation, because Allah SWT, for the good of others, always in humility, happy to help, always oriented to others, “Expalined Ustd Abdrur Rahman when delivering materials

Ustd Abdrur continued, “So, become a person who is always calm, and always connected with God in every prayer and worship, despite problems that we face, Insya Allah, nothing is impossible for Him, Allah will make our path easier, Allah will bring us abundant sustenance from heavens and the earth into a servant’s heart is like the verse says : But as for you, O tranquil soul. Return to your Lord, pleased and accepted.  Enter among My servants, Enter My Paradise (al-Fajr [89]: 27-30)”

According to the Principal Mr. Syahrul Padilah “This activity is part of the learning process that is given to the parents, with the planned curriculum, with the aim that the parent is getting better in the future”.

The activities ended with distribution of usable cloth to parents given by the English lecturer faculty of tarbiyah & education UIN Suska Riau.

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