PASURUAN BANJIR, RELAWAN RZ TURUN BERI BANTUANPASURUAN. The overflowing river in Pasuruan cause water to enter the residential area, causing floods with a height above 100 cm. Floods that have occurred since the previous night made people unable to perform any activity other than to save material and clean the house residents were dirty due to flooding.


A total of 9 RZ Volunteers consisting of 2 Volunteer of RZ Jember, 6 Volunteers of RZ Malang and Inspiring Volunteer of RZ Pasuruan carried out some actions concerned flooding in Pasuruan on Thursday (01/12).

Starting from the departure from Inspiring Volunteer’s residence toward the disaster site for approximately 10 minutes on a motorbike, arriving at the site RZ Volunteers were divided into two teams to distributed meal package and corned SuperQurban in Duyo Sukorejo village, Pasuruan which is the point of flooding on the banks of the river that overflowed.

Starting at 17.00 after maghrib RZ Volunteer still distributed the mael package and Superqurban corned. “Alhamdulillah 300 meal package and 100 corned Superqurban distributed to  people affected by floods,” said RZ Volunteers.


One beneficiary is the local mosque caretaker said, “Thank you mas, far from the outside Pasuruan came here to distribute assistance. Currently the residents needed food and mineral water, as all food, food ingredients and cookware could not be used for submerged by water, “he told RZ volunteers .



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