TANGERANG. On Wednesday (19/07) PAUD Juara south Tangerang held KBM in the new school year. The teachers welcomed the students at the gate and checked the students’ hygiene.

After entering the class the students perform warming up conditioning on PAUD students according to themes ranging from gymnastics, singing songs, movie class with the title ” Tidak Berbohong “. Not only that, although their age is still very early, they have been recited to memorize the Qur’an.

So it was done that day, after warming up all students do muroja’ah (repeating recitation) QS An Naba and continued with the simulation of wudu then all students perform Dhuha prayer, prayer and recited Asmaul Husna.

The theme of Me & Family was the subject of the day, where students learn to recognize themselves and their families. On it the students also learn to decorate their notebooks. “This theme we adopt to introduce students to themselves and their families as a very basic thing they should know. Alhamdulillah children are enthusiastic with this theme,” said one teacher of PAUD Juara Tangerang selatan.


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